Earth Science Seminars



Titile of Talk

12 Feb 2016

Dr. Gyana Ranjan Tripathy
(IISER Pune)

Re-Os age and depositional environment of black shale from the Cambrian-Ordovician GSSP.

19 Feb 2016

Dr. Rajeev Saraswat
(NIO, Goa)

Climate change: What can we learn from past?

23 Feb 2016

Dr.Sanjay Kumar Mandal
(ETH Zurich)

Tracing topographic evolution in passive margin by cosmogenic nuclide and low-temperature thermochronometry: A case study across the southern Peninsular Indian escarpment.

26 Feb 2016

Dr. Attreyee Ghosh
(IISc, Bangalore)

Understanding the Deep Earth: Lessons from Geodynamics.

04 Mar 2016

Dr. Bharath Shekar
(IIT Bombay)

Simultaneous microseismic event location and velocity inversion by eikonal tomography.