Faculty Members



Supriyo Mitra

Email: supriyomitra @ iiserkol.ac.in

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Research Group

Seismology, Continental Tectonics

Prasanta Sanyal

Email: psanyal @ iiserkol.ac.in

Research Group

Stable isotopes

Sukanta Dey

Email: sukanta.dey @ iiserkol.ac.in

Precambrian Geology, Evolution of granite-greenstone belts, Proterozoic sedimentation

Associate Professor


Tarun K. Dalai

Email: dalai @ iiserkol.ac.in

Radiogenic isotopes and trace metal geochemistry
Kathakali Bhattacharyya

Email: kathakali @ iiserkol.ac.in

Structural Geology

Manoj Jaiswal

Chairman of the Department

Email:manoj @ iiserkol.ac.in

Geomorphology and Quaternary geochronology

Sujata Ray

Email:sujataray @ iiserkol.ac.in  

Soil mechanics, Environmental engineering

Kajaljyoti Borah

Email: kajal.borah @ iiserkol.ac.in

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Computational Seismology

Gopala Krishna Darbha

Email:gkdarbha @ iiserkol.ac.in  

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Environmental Hydrogeochemistry

Assistant Professor


Sayantan Sarkar (On Lien)

Email:sayantan.sarkar @ iiserkol.ac.in

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Aerosol chemical characterization, transport and source apportionment; Organic aerosol fractions; Atmospheric black carbon and other optically active aerosol species; Halocarbons and other VOCs in the troposphere

Tapabrato Sarkar

Email: tapabrato @ iiserkol.ac.in

Metamorphic and igneous petrology, Precambrian geology and related geochemistry, Geochronology (Zircon and monazite dating), Crustal evolution

Swastika Chatterjee

Email: swastika @ iiserkol.ac.in

Computational Mineral Physics

Gaurav Shukla

Email: gshukla @ iiserkol.ac.in

Computational Mineral Physics

Sanjay Kumar Mandal

Email: sanjaykm @ iiserkol.ac.in

Tectonic Geomorphology

Subhronil Mandal

Email: subhronil.m @ iiserkol.ac.in

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Ecology and Paleoecology, Macroecology, Macroevolution